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Is there a Mobile app?


I was wondering, is there a mobile app that you can download? I love the app but it lags alot if i use it on chrome. If there is a mobile app could someone send me a link?

CodeCombat app, no but look into this link
CodeCombat app, no but look into this link

I don’t believe so. This is all I could find on the subject. The response from Maka is just 23 days old.

What are the specs of your computer? I use chrome for the game on 2.7GHz dual core, Core 2 Duo with just 4 gigs of RAM and a half decent video card. With several tabs, documents, and files/folders open and there is a tiny bit of lag but nothing to complain about.


Well, you can click on @nick’s link and wait for permission by an admin.