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Help - turn autopasting off?


hey guys, big fan of the concept of the game - just found it today.

i’m in the second level, and i’m finding that i’m having trouble just copying and pasting the code from the bottom into where it’s supposed to go.

I’m not sure what’s going on. It got to the point where every time I hit “T”, it would paste “sTTFEFEhis.moveDown();this.moveDown();oveDown();oveD))0)0KOMEFOE09his.attackNearbyEnemy();is.moveRight();”

copying and pasting should be the easiest thing in the world. when that wouldn’t work smoothly i was just going to type it in. and with that just putting huge lines of codes in (instead of letting my type)… i feel like i’m at a point where i can’t play already.

any advice? I’m pretty computer savvy, but never tried much coding - and this seems PERFECT :smile:
Let me know!


actually i retried it and just didn’t copy and paste and it was fine.

is this not set up to want to take copy + paste from the list of code on the bottom? That was my first instinct.


Hmm, that’s a strange one. I wonder if there were some problems with our code sync thing. I can’t reproduce with the copy-and-paste–is it doing the same thing if you try copying and pasting again?