How do I beat Ace Of Coders?

There is no Submit button for this level, so I cannot beat it. I literally have one more level left for Glacier, and this is becoming a little bit annoying.

This is an arena, you can’t “beat” it

Try ranking the game, it usually solves 'beat’ing it

But in level’s like Dueling Ground, you have the “Submit” button and when you beat the CPU, you the victory screen comes up and you get the reward

True, idk (20 chars also doesn’t know)

So me and Peter and not the only ones that have this problem. Anyways, my plan to win all levels are doomed. This is the only level I need to win and rip.

Wait, how did you complete all the levels except for that one??? Did you complete the Illia levels? And the secret ones?

I don’t know there are secret levels, tell me.

Secret Arena
Secret Level
Those are the only secret levels I know of, and I’m not sure if they’re even secret anymore

Also, it’s almost 21:50 here, so see you tomorrow…

I have a much worse problem… I don’t have a rank my game button and many things like that

Wait, what…

Check this topic. It was fixed, although now I have the same bug + my code deleted.