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How Do I become a Adventurer?


I would like to test out levels for code combat, But i don’t know how to.


I think you just test out the levels, then report your results here.


but it says adventurer under your name when you are an adventurer


I heard you do brand new levels as a adventurer


Yeah, ok…check with nick. on the search button and put the @ sing in front of nick


You choose your character (adventurer) at the beginning of the game, after you have made your account. Only a few of the characters are unlocked, so your options are limited. Once you picked the character you want, you may begin the first level. It is here when you are able to test out the levels.


can you change to a adventurer


Is Sir Tharin Thunderfist an adventurer


can somebody invite @nick


i meant like new levels you test out for free before thay are released into codecombat


To test new levels you can look at the “adventurer” section on this forum. You don’t need a special title for this.


would be awesome to highlight Adventurer levels on the map. Now you can access them only by direct link from the forum


Thx bryukh cant wait to try it out


They are highlighted. They are purple. However, if you’re using free account then you can’t see them if they are after "premium levels (or premium).


got it… probably this one more reason to subscribe)