How do I change the heading of a missile?

The title says it all… how do I change the direction a missile is going? (in game dev) @staff (Sorry about pinging you, but you are really needed here)

Do you mean a enemy missile?
Cause if you do, I don’t think you can.

in game dev not in the normal levels.

And I can easily make it friendly missiles if I can’t do it with enemy missiles. :slight_smile:

Yea, but still in game dev If the enemy already threw or shot a projectile I’m not sure if you can change it.

You can change the position. So why wouldn’t you be able to change the heading? Also, Illia somehow does it.

Welll, I guess if possible you could summon a projectile at the same position and make the projectile go a different direction.

Hmmm but how would I summon a projectile?

And idk if its possible in game dev, maybe in level editor.

I know it’s possible in game dev, you just need to know how.

Maybe I could manually change the heading? (change position using an equation)