How do I detect Special Anomalies? -Iron and Ice

I am currently trying to find a way to detect the special abilities my enemies cast. I can clearly see on the Hints Page of Iron and Ice that there is a code(snippet) that read:“hero.findSpeciaAnomalies.” I want to find a way how to actually use this code. Can anyone help?

I think the command is hero.esper_hero.findActiveAnomalies() yes there’s a typo inside if you switch it to Anormalies then it will tell you to swtich it to Anomalies(Can @staff fix that pls?)

thanks! is that all?

because I don’t think it works by its own-it’s a snippet.

You define it like

hi = hero.findNearestEnemy() #this is an example

Then you make a for loop that iterates trough them. ex: for apple in apples and then you check if an anormalie exists. And then you have the anormalie!