How to find other peoples anomalies and counter them automatically

I need help, because I have been up in the ranks multiple times. But there is a new coder “Crew has no Clue” And they are some how finding my anomaly for example my pull effect anywhere that I put it even if I change it randomly it gets countered by a push and I would just like to know what the code is for that. Or is it just strategic placing. Thank You! Also this is my first post.

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I can’t help you with this as I haven’t really played this, but @hydrobolic might be able to.
And yes you can counteract the anomalies even if they are placed randomly.

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hero.findActiveAnomalies(hero.special(“push”, 13, 51)) This what I try but it is just putting it at 13, 51 But if I try to get rid of it it will tell my code that it is wrong.

@Hydrobolic can you help

Please don’t ping him as they might not be active and I already pinged him

yes sir I will keep that in mind

This is my final question whats with this

When you simulate games you can be on red OR blue side and when you directly go against them you will be on red side (sorry for the late reply)

its just the fact that I lost but it says I won when I go into it

I think this should work for finding anomalies:

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I tried that but I dont know how to get it to work for a specific one because theres not a problem with the code it just doesn’t do anything.

Have you tried to read docs? findActiveAnomalies return a list of objects/dictionaries with predefined fields. Yes, you need better understanding of programming to use this method and data properly. That’s the point of the arenas.

I think this should work

anomaliein = hero.findActiveAnomalies("pull")
anomalieout = hero.findActiveAnomalies("push")
anomalietele = hero.findActiveAnomalies("teleport")
while True:
    if anomaliein == True:
        hero.special("push", anomaliein.pos.x, anomaliein.pos.y)
    elif anomalieout == True:
        hero.special("pull", anomalieout.pos.x, anomalieout.pos.y)
    elif anomalietele == True:
        hero.special("teleport", 31, 51)

ik a bit ‘improper’

Thank you sorry for he late reply I was in class

No. It doesnt work so. This method doesn’t accept any arguments.

Sorry I’m a new coder well atleast for this arena but then what would work because I’m just been trying to figure it out for a while now.


Ok; I’m sorry for asking. Is there something that I can look at to hep me better understand it.

Let’s take a look at:

This is equivalent to

x = hero.special("push", 13, 51)

where it’s clear that you first create a push field at (13, 51) before calling hero.findActiveAnomalies(...) and doing nothing with the result.

The code to counter the opponent’s fields will be a little more complicated. I would suggest:

  1. call hero.findActiveAnomalies() to get a list of anomalies
  2. loop through the resulting list and select which ones you are interested in. The .name and .x properties may be useful.
  3. cast your own counter. For example, if the opponent used a pull, then you might cast hero.special("push", anomaly.x, anomaly.y)

The list resulting from “hero.findActiveAnomalies()” can be saved as follows:
Array = hero.findActiveAnomalies()