How do you earn more gems when you are stuck because of place holding levels?

What do you do to earn more gems and buy better equipment when you are stuck because of not-released-fo-adventure-levels? How do you earn more gems? This way, I am in trouble.
What is the first level of cloudrip-moutain?

Hi Man,

I asked this same question last weekend so I’ll share what I learned.

  1. Cloudrip Mountian levels are not open yet. Currently being coded.

  2. To earn more gems, there are a few levels you can play that get harder each time you beat them. These are the levels that you can submit a solution to once per day. This is a great way to get more gems as you learn to beat the higher tiers of the level.

  3. Have you beaten Trials yet? This one is worth about 450 gems which is a huge help to upgrading equipment.

  4. Also, you mention being stuck, feel free to share what level you are stuck on and what your current weapon and hp are.

Hope this helps,

I did not beat The Trials. It is 53987590241758923075 times as hard as siege of stone hold

I have 851 health with “Tharin”