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Stuck and needs gems - players who have a small amount of gems


hello - this topic is public for everyone

// I have a bad lack of gems left and I am saving up for Naria and 4 place holding levels are preventing me from that.

This topic is public to everyone by default.
As you already found out, there are repeatable levels, though they get harder to beat every time. As I happen to know that you are a subscriber, I know that you get 3500 Gems per month. This means that you simply have to wait for your problem to solve itself.

Regarding your codesnippet:
Despite the fact that your enemy and flag are not inside the loop (remember, indentations), what is the point of this code?


Place holding levels are not preventing you from doing anything. THOSE LEVELS DONT EXIST as you were previously told. They are planned levels that will exist some day.

[Please don’t be rude]


that was kind of mean


Well deserved mean. when Shoodong first started here he was posting useless stuff repeatedly. spamming the board and sucking up the moderators time. You don’t have the full picture, you weren’t here when it went down. :slight_smile: He’s toned down quite a bit since joining.


oh okay sorry
ghdfbjjyjkgnyungy<-Just because they insist I use at least 20 characters