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What do you do when there's place holding levels


I am stuck in the desert and the levels:
'savern siege', 'clash of clones', 'harrowland', 'sarven tresue'


We release five levels a week, and some of those will come out for adventurer playtesting next Wednesday. If you have beaten everything else but still want to play more, you can try to beat higher difficulties of replayable levels, or do better on the multiplayer arenas.


Okay but I don’t know how…


@nick You earn no gems in the multiplayer arenas


CodeCombat is a tool to learn the mysterious and strange art of programming. To encourage the player, this is done with the help of the medium game.

Usually the task of a game is to win (and feel good because you showed that ***… that other fellow player where he belongs). The prize you get for fighting in the multiplayer levels is not measured in mere gems, but in the eternal honor of leading the leaderbord (eternal = time until someone writes better code).

The singleplayer-levels are just a preparation for this. To encourage you to take this opportunity of training, you are rewarded with gems (and to actually be able to progress).

That is at least my interpretation.


Good point! But I do want to add gem rewards to the multiplayer arenas as soon as I figure out the best way to implement it, since you do need some way to grind up more gems when you get stuck. You can now grind gems by simulating ladder games, by the way. I’ll post more on this soon.