How do you get Badges?

I am wondering how people get these Badges. I do have a few but unsure of how to earn them. I seen some with 10 badges like this one:

A special thanks you to Vlevo for letting me taking a screenshot of his badges.
Please reply!


Generally, you get badges by being a part of the community. All of the following gain you trust, and allow you to have a more active role:

  • Fully Read posts and replies
  • Writing a post or replying to another’s post.
  • “Liking” a post or reply (clicking the Heart under a post)
  • Sharing links to posts and replies to others.
  • Inviting others (@name) the might be interesting.

There is an abundance of ways. The more trust you earn, the more you can do. Be fun, considerate and respectful and there is much to gain. Consider reading the FAQ stickied on the front page. This will lead to more.


If you hover over them they tell you want they are for (well, the starry/flowery ones). If you click on one it shows you who all has that one. Then you can click on the Badges link to show a bunch more and how they are achieved. :smile:


Thanks a really lot!


Thanks for letting posting your badges and a real thanks for you advice as well. AMAZING!!!


I need badges too, but to do that i will love as many posts as i can!

(Out of Love)

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