Not getting badges for when you actually can

I have had this problem a lot of times in the past, but now I had it again. For example, I flagged a post at my old account, but did not get the badge, because I categorized the flag as other. And the first reply by email badge I also did not get, only because I replied to a PM. I am not saying that I want these badges, im just saying that if anyone knows why I would just like to know.

:heart: @JoPro_8000

I don’t know, but I have experienced this. I had the achieved the goals for being a member, but couldn’t get it. Then only after a while (not some moments) it gave it to me finally. Also, I am online and bored, cause no one’s online.

Send me a PM if you want to talk about jibber-jabber. It may take a while for the achievements to show up. Also you have to be active for 15 days (not sequentially to be a member

It might take a while to show up, because the site is not like where it updates automatically

See like now I got it, because I replied to @Wesley_Leung via email on a topic

To clear up some confusion, first flag is only earned when you flag a user and it is accepted by a staff member. This means you cannot just flag some post for no reason, because a staff member will not accept that flag. Also please do not recklessly flag posts for this badge, it takes up my time for no reason when I could be reviewing actually useful flags.