Not getting a lot of badges (In the discourse)

I have flagged a post (discobot in the tutorial) and have 106 received likes and 130 or more given yet i still do not have the badges. Why i care, because one day i will have all of the badges.

You won’t. You can’t get the leader badge (unless you actually become a CodeCombat staff)

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I mean the one that is recived 100 and gave 100 one

and the first flag badge

It is 100 unique likes, not 2 on each post. 100 of ur posts must have a like


Regular is also a tough rank to get, you’lol have to be active 24/7

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but I’ve been active for 1/5 (1 hour for 5 days, on the weekdays normally before summer break).

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Nah, you have to reply and view 25% of topics in 100 days

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But i don’t have the first flag badge for some reason. i flagged discobot ( he asked me to ) and still dont have the first flag badge

he doesn’t count. he asked you to do it, and the leaders didn’t approve the flag either (and since he counts as a leader, he removed the flag and made it not actually count.)

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