About the Regular Badge

I’d like to know how some inactive users like Hellenar and Shmoogy (don’t ping them) keep their regular badge for over a year without being active… for over a year. What happened to the 2 week grace period and how is this possible?

Well, I think they were really active and helpful that time, so Chaboi keeps their Regular badge now, and people can know how helpful they were.


Speaking of regular badges, I was thinking, what if we added on one more rule to getting the badge. Can we have it for those who are like, 10 and up? I know of some very young people who were regulars and still didn’t know the rules as well, or weren’t very (this my not be the right word) mature. I think it’s better to have slightly older people having the more advanced badge.

(This message was not meant to offend anybody! So please don’t be! I’m just offering a suggestion, not pointing fingers at younger people.)


It’s probably easier to take away regular title from users who misuse it.


Is that what happens?

So what are the rules for getting the regular badge?


A simple way is going here:

I bookmarked this so I always have access to this information.