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Trust levels (big questions)


I have a lot of questions about the trust level badges. The question I most want to ask is, how many months does it take to get regular? Or is it private?@Ultcombo@Rob @Serg @Vlevo @trotod anyone? Especially, @nick.

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I believe this thread should answer all your questions: What do user trust levels do?
You will find the requirements for the “Regular” trust level in that thread, more specifically in this post.

You will also notice that it is quite challenging to naturally achieve and maintain the Regular status in this forum, as it is not very active and very few people make use of the “like” button. I emphasize “naturally” as it is also possible for an admin or moderator to manually set the trust level of a given user and lock it down to prevent automatic demotion. This feature is used at the staff’s discretion.


Really, I use the like feature a lot. But, I think maybe you should poke Nick or someone to remove the 20 likes received requirement. Also, it’s kind of sad because I have school and homework.

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As long as you are helpful and polite on the forums, there is no reason why you could not be promoted. Even if you are only able to post here a few times a week, eventually those will build up.


oh ok thank you!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

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