How do you make sure that hero.consecrate() is ready?

I recently bought the Order of the Paladin and I have no idea how to use it! And how to make sure that it is ready. I am a KID. 8-year-old to be exact. I am not a subscriber. So you might want to help. Please help @Deadpool198, @Eric_Tang, @xython, @Code_Master, @Lydia_Song, @abc, or anybody!

consecrate has no cooldown also please do not summon that much people also I am 8 to!

Oh! I never knew you were 8 too! Umm, I asked how you can make sure consecrate —> isReady <—

use a clock and do if hero.isReady("consecrate") consecrate

oh, that doesn’t work.

or getCooldown with gilt wristwatch

the documentation isn’t ready yet so I don’t know how to use it.

I am pretty sure that the consecrate ability doesn’t require a cooldown, but if it does, then do it like you are cleaving:

if hero.isReady("consecrate"):

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oh, um that method doesn’t work. I tried it.

I shall summon @Deadpool198!

Using this ability usually works for me. Maybe it only does it if there are skeletons as enemies?

they changed it so @abc is correct

they will only damage skellies

The consecrate ability has no cooldown so you would just do
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As for your question Lydia_Song is right as far as I know, I haven’t actually got the ring yet, but the ability is like hero.cast(“drain-life”, enemy): it has no cooldown.
You were right to make a new topic for this question, just make sure you don’t also ask the question in other topics.

but you used it in backwoods treasure with naria and the cooldown for hide and invisibility

also in a skeleton swarm use consecrate to heal and defeat za skelies