How is this possible ?(bug or is it visual or cheating?)


i got a score of zero


Thatโ€™s great not a bug

Did you win without fighting? It happensโ€ฆ
Tried to pass the level using the default suggested flag code and failed ( I never use flags). After building the last fire trap the hero stay still and perish with the ogre in the fire blast. So I think the fail proof code can be something like:

while True:
    flag = hero.findFlag()
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    if flag:
        # flag code
    elif item:
        # item code
        hero.moveXY(17, 37) # run away from the fire trap

@xython look at the hero heโ€™s using.

Heโ€™s in mountain already.

Plenty of things he couldโ€™ve done to avoid causing any damage

Maybe he summoned troops or something

@MTEYRA donโ€™t waste other peopleโ€™s times with โ€œGuess what happenedโ€ questions please thanks

I remember when passed the level for the first time about a year ago I had to be slow to kill someone. Used a knight and move ( not moveXY ) boots.
Drop the Flag: Ends too soon?

It assumes that you donโ€™t have a speed ring when you are in the forest, I suppose

Me actually might not be in mountain. It just depends whether he got Arryn before or after all heroes became available for purchase without having to finish the hero unlocking levels.

Wait so heroes are available for purchase, w/o having to do the levels?

Edit: Oh nevermind subscriber purchase only -_-