How to play free levels?

I have signed up my son to start playing CodeCombat and he has completed 5 levels of Kithgard dungeon, but is now being asked to subscribe to Premium. The last level he completed was True Names, so hasn’t really had enough time to decide whether it’s right for him. I’m not happy subscribing until we can see that he enjoys it.

I’m sure that more levels in Kithgard dungeon used to be free? Am I missing something?

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This is very confusing as it is not noted anywhere. The FAQ page still says “Everyone can play the main campaign level progression for free (yay free)” Also there are tons of reviews on the web touting the free play aspect. This gives the appearance of the site being broken or buggy. Please add something explaining that the system/subscription format has changed.


Hey, zora welcome to the forum.

im afraid that code combat has changed a lot as you can not play the entire game anymore without buying gems.

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It’s mainly about buying premium

This is a new and recent update, so probably the informative things haven’t been changed yet.