Blocked by CombatCode Premiun Ad After Only 5 Stages


So I’m a new user who just started today. I signed up with a individual account.
The programing language I chose is JavaScript.

I’m playing in the very first dungeon, Kithgard, but I’m stuck after only 5 Stages.
Whenever I click on the next stage or any of the stages I’ve already done, I’m asked to
buy a Premium account. They say that the core stages are at the very least free, so why
I’m I unable to advance. I’m not sure if its just me, or should you buy to advance?

Could someone please help me get pass this issue, really wanna learn coding with a fun
way like this! Thanks!

This did not happen to me, ask Chaboi_3000.

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This is either a bug or a feature now.
Chaboi said
" . Looks like it’s intentional that new users can only access 5 levels."

Are you able to unlock Backwoods Forest?

Yep, it’s correct. If you want to play more than the first 5 demo levels you need a subscription. We cut free content recently.

I think it isn’t a nice move.Many users will be repelled by that.


Would other like myself still be able to have free levels in other areas?
I don’t like this update. Now many people can’t code anymore. This was a good site to learn coding, and not everyone has the money to get a subscription. Is there a possibility you would be able to change it back?


I can even give you an example:Puzzle English, which was once a popular english learning platfrom, had slowly cut off all of the content.Their user amount dropped for 400 users since then.This is a very bad move.


Also, hi @Nike_Guns and welcome to the forum! :partying_face: This is a friendly place where you can ask help on levels, report bugs, or just chat with other coders! Don’t forget to read the guidelines if you haven’t yet. Have a great time!

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Is this feature temporary or ever-lasting?

I pretty much agree with everyone here. First, it was about 19 levels in the dungeon. Okay, sure im fine with that. But now only 5 levels in there? That just really limits how much they can code.


I think it is ever lasting.Why won’t we try and persuade the mods?
I don’t think this is possible, though.

That was a type of persuasion tho :neutral_face:

No, by it, i mean to tell the mods, that we are all disappointed by this update.And we want to revert it.Don’t we?
Though, this won’t have much effect, I guess.

I do understand, they need money, BUT like this they are more likely going to repel users,and lose money, rather then getting it.I think.Probably not, I am just assuming.


It’s ever-lasting. We have big plans for the home version content. That solution was dictated by data. I Understand why people aren’t glad about this decision, however, if we want to continue to teach coding we need a way to pay bills.

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What if I already had subscription once and completed the most of CodeCombat, will I be able to complete new levels which will come later?

Yes, I am sure you can.If you have it still activated.For me it works.

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for instance I (personally) I think the yearly update was ok but this is just bad. because I think that people will be more interested with code combat premium if they get to play all red flag levels so they can get more experience and there fore buy premium. If you want to make more money, maybe add a strong premium only hero (not weak hero’s like Amara or Hattori)


If you want more people to play and get premium maybe add a extra gem system. (like 10% more gems if you are a sub)