Only 5 Free (Trial Levels)?

I was looking at Code Combat to teach my son Python, but i can only seem to see 5 trial (Free) levels. not enough decide if i should purchase (only took a few minutes to complete and very very basic). At the same time i see people talking about 100 or so free levels. Have i missed something ?

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I think there was a update that only lets you play the first five levels of
the dungeon for free and after that you have to susbscribe to go further.


Yep, only 5 levels are for free now.


Thanks everyone.

I don’t know if there are any company representatives as part of this forum.

If there are if I can provide a bit of feedback.

All the 5 levels are very simple and very similar and only give a minor insight in to the platform. The platform looks to have a lot of potential, but with the limited amount of access I’m unable to get the right amount of confidence to make a purchase.
I’m also happy to work as part of the community and provide feedback / bugs etc., may be even create new levels., but again no access, and I’m certainly not paying to find bugs / create levels for someone else’s profit. This type of work is usually carried out as a community role, where in exchange for access the company get bug reports and in the case of this type of app free levels supplied.
I have also worked with a large local school educating the pupils around technology and gaining technology roles when they leave education. Unfortunately, as I don’t have enough knowledge around the platform it wont even get mentioned when talking with staff and pupils.

Real shame, the little I saw of the platform, it may be a very powerful education tool. I just don’t know.


Actually, if you go to hour of code, it might actually give you the whole dungeon for free. That’s what I did in school.

In school you have a separate course though

But I didn’t do the teacher course. I just went to Learn and searched up codecombat.

I am going to reset my progress and make my alt account into a student account and see if you get more levels to play with. Wait for my message.

You get all levels in the student course for free

Just thought i would check back to see if any of the company representatives saw the post. Looks like none saw or did not respond. To those community contributors who answered much appreciated. As for me I’ve been looking around and think i will settle with Codingame. The levels look good with lots of languages to choose from, although its a little more complex than the very simple starter examples I saw in codecombat. Although it looks like I will never find out if any more complex and realistic code is available in later levels. Good luck to the community on CodeCombat.