How to play offline on windows 10


I would to play code combat offline because I will go to place without internet. Can you send me the link I should download and also the “how to” install it please. I downloaded the codecombat master but I don’t understand anything.

Thank you for your precious help

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Hi @stephanie, do you have any solution for my issue please ?

@Code_learner I would look on the GitHub site to see how to create a local environment.

I realize that I’m old fashioned, but if I was going to be somewhere with limited or no internet access and wanted to learn coding, I would buy a couple of books on the subject to take with me. These are a couple of titles that are a great place to start.

Python Crash Course

C++ Without Fear

A Smarter Way To Learn Javascript



I’d like to learn to code while at sea on a ship. Could Code Combat make this possible?

You can definitely do so by setting up your own server by following these steps to create/setup your own local server.