Play offline to train without internet

Hi everyone, how are you ?

I’m asking if it is possible/legal to download scripts to play offline… Why ? Because i’m going to holliday for a week and i would train by programming humans/Ogres and make them combat…

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

HI! it is possible, although we don’t have an out of the box player solution for this. However what you could do, is setting up the develop environment of CodeCombat. With the latest CodeCombat database it should be just the same as the online version. One big remark is that your progress will of course not be linked to your real online account. But atleast you can play!

if this sounds like something you want, you can go over to this page and set up your environment on your OS of choice!

Hi! Sorry for bumping this up… I followed the steps on the page and tried setting up everything. The homepage works fine offline, but once I click the “PLAY” button, there is only this error message on the screen… How can I solve the problem? Thanks!!

Try an npm update and bower update to make sure you have the Stripe Checkout package installed and all the latest modules.

Why is it so difficult to do this? The guides are severely outdated and underdeveloped, missing even basic instructions. I’ve been trying to install the dev environment all day and still having issues.

how do i play the offline version

We don’t offer it any more, as it was too difficult for players to run, and it had very limited testing levels anyway.

really that sucks cause i love that game and i cant always play it online