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so I went to the github to hack but I can not download anything on Chromebook so what am I supposed to do.

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You should not get the codes from GitHub anyways


where should I get them because it seems like your the expert here so help me out

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Write em yourself


@avery_witte Do you mean “hacking codecombat”.
Like This

Or This

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I suggest you finish all the CodeCombat levels first then starts “hacking” since it consist several complicated steps, most of them are writing codes are terminal. But if you need any help on whether “hacking” or others don’t hesitate to ask :slightly_smiling_face:


do you know anyway of setting up the dev environment without download

Do you use mac or windows?

Since you are still confused I might make a video later going through it. If I get my homework done by 10 P.M

I use chrome os (2000000)

Mac OS*

no chrome os

First open terminal.
Then type xcode-select --install

where do I access the terminal

FYI: This has nothing to do with chrome.

where on the Chromebook do I access a terminal

hold on I have to restart to update

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It have nothing to do with chrome, do you use Mac OS or Windows.

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I really don’t know on a Lenovo chromebook

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I’m sorry but you can’t set up the Dev Environment, because you don’t use Mac. As you can see on the guide title is says (Mac).

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