How to unlock levels after Munchkin Swarm?

G’day. So I got to Munchkin Swarm, happy days. Had a go at it, solved it, ready for the next. But the next level didn’t seem to unlock?

Strangely, from here, when I click through the New Level topics, they unlock.

I notice the question has been asked before, and the response was “which browser?” I use Chrome 39. But I’ve also tried IE91, for which I can’t see anything at all.2

1 Yes, I know, it’s a policy of the place where I work that we have to use radically outdated browsers for some reason. You wouldn’t believe the fight I had to go through to get Chrome.

2 I don’t blame you for not supporting an ancient outdated browser.

Hmm, it looks like Coinucopia should be unlocking after Munchkin Swarm. Can I ask you whether you were awarded the Basic Flags item successfully after beating Munchkin Swarm?

I have since solved the problem by using Firefox at home…

IIRC, a “Basic Flags” item wasn’t awarded when I was having trouble. Then again, I tried that level again just now (on Chrome) and it seemed to get awarded?

Sorry I can’t help you guys more with this.

I’m trying to figure out what the issue is here, can you let me know what your username is? I’ll make sure there’s no bad data on your account, and if there is I’ll try to figure out why.

Sure. Anyway I can PM you? I’ve done really well to keep that e-mail address free of spam (so far).