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Is CodeCombat accepting people for jobs?


Hey guys, I was wondering if CodeCombat was hiring people right now or in the summer of 2018 because I might want to be a developer or help out financially, or in some other way?

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I might want to do that too.


Can you make 1000+1 video tutorials How I create CodeCombat from scratch ?


Maybe I could do that.


When will you start?


Uh, just go to Github and make a dev environment.


I’m not sure. I am looking at next week when everything will be back to normal, so hopefully then.


I’m looking forward to youtube videos.


Are the videos on how to do the levels or how to make a website, or some third thing, @juraj_pechac ?


I don’t know, but I don’t think it matters.


Videos about how to make Codecombat => Node,js, MongoDB but without CoffeeScript.


Okay then. I will hopefully start this next week. Does @nick know about this?


No, this is only my dream …


Okay, I think it is legit. It might help other people who need help with these things.


CodeCombat is both a startup and a community project, completely open source under the MIT and Creative Commons licenses.


juraj_pechac has it covered – we’re open source, so if you have an idea and an interest, you can help us build something.

If you’re asking if we have any open opportunities for employment, we do not at this time.