I analyzed some off topics I consider pretty famous and tried to find out why

So as the title said i analyzed them and tried to find out why they are famous so heres the reasosn i came up with this might not apply to everyone but these aer the ones i came up with (OPEN TO CRITISCM)

  1. Topic for Polls:
  • Polls are engaging and interactive. People enjoy participating in them as they offer a quick and easy way to express their opinions on various subjects.
  • Curiosity and interest: Random questions can spark curiosity and lead users to click on the poll to see the results or share their own views.
  • Social interaction: Polls often encourage discussions and debates among participants, further increasing engagement and replies.
  • Inclusivity: Polls are accessible to everyone, regardless of writing skills or knowledge level, making them inclusive and inviting more users to participate.
  1. Birthdays!!:
  • Emotional connection: Wishing someone a happy birthday is a heartwarming gesture that strengthens social bonds and fosters a sense of community.
  • Personalization: Birthday messages are often individualized, making the interactions feel more personal and meaningful.
  • Positive environment: The topic is inherently positive, creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere that encourages more people to join in and reply with their well-wishes.
  1. Memes:
  • Humor and entertainment: Memes are a popular form of humor on the internet. They evoke laughter and amusement, making the topic enjoyable and shareable.
  • Relatability: Memes often touch on common experiences, creating a sense of shared understanding among users and prompting them to respond with related content.
  • Virality: Memes are highly shareable and can go viral quickly, driving more users to the topic and resulting in a higher number of replies.
  1. Weather:
  • Universal topic: Weather affects everyone, regardless of their location, making it a relatable subject for people to discuss.
  • Small talk: Weather discussions are often seen as a form of casual and light-hearted conversation, akin to small talk in real life, which encourages participation.
  • Regional connections: Users from the same geographical area may find common ground in weather-related discussions, leading to more engagement and replies.

Half of those were my topics. :smirk: But you’re pretty much right. I feel like the only half-alive topics are those that don’t take any effort to write or think.


Wow. I never thought about that… But you’re so right!


yea r/humblebrag2 (no offense just a joke) yea n some half alive topis really dont have much effort

ITS TIME FOR ROUND 2. whchi means… more analyzing which means more work for me

this time im doing other offtopics

  1. Talk about Roblox:
  • Enthusiastic fan base: Roblox has a massive and dedicated community of players who are passionate about the game. They are eager to discuss their experiences, achievements, and creations within the Roblox universe.
  • Creativity and sharing: Roblox provides players with tools to design their games and share them with others. This fosters a sense of creativity and encourages users to showcase their creations, leading to lively discussions and replies.
  • Problem-solving and tips: Players may seek advice on game strategies, problem-solving, or share tips and tricks to progress in specific Roblox games, sparking engaging conversations.
  1. Topic for Pokemon:
  • Nostalgia: The Pokemon franchise has a long history and a significant fan base that spans multiple generations. Nostalgia plays a big role in attracting users to this topic, as many people have fond memories of playing Pokemon in their childhood.
  • Variety of content: The Pokemon franchise includes video games, trading card games, TV shows, movies, and merchandise. This wide range of content allows users to discuss various aspects of Pokemon, providing diverse opportunities for participation.
  • Competitive and social aspects: Pokemon games often involve competitive battles and trading, creating opportunities for players to connect and interact with others who share their interest.
  1. Taming.io Topic:
  • Focused community: Taming.io is a specific game, and its community is likely to gather around this topic to discuss strategies, updates, and overall gameplay experiences.
  • Real-time gameplay: As Taming.io is an online multiplayer game, players may seek real-time discussions and coordinate with others during gameplay, leading to more active and immediate replies.
  • Community growth: As the game gains popularity, more players are likely to join the discussions, contributing to a higher number of replies.
  1. Put your Famous Quotes Here:
  • Inspiration and motivation: Users are drawn to this topic as they can find and share inspirational quotes that resonate with them. Positive and uplifting content tends to generate more engagement.
  • Emotional connection: Famous quotes often carry powerful messages and emotions. People may reply to express how a particular quote impacted them or share their own favorite quotes.
  • Variety and creativity: Users may post quotes from various sources, including literature, movies, historical figures, and personal sayings, leading to diverse and engaging conversations.

PS.I already had this planned just relesaed it now cuz i was busy


what about my topic? (lame puns)

That was more of a comp instead of a off topic maybe I’ll do it too

Just a reminder I have more planned GL everyone :grin:

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Ok coming right up now!!!:

  1. Lame Puns Competition:
  • Humor and entertainment: Puns are a form of wordplay that often elicit groans or laughter. Users enjoy participating in this light-hearted competition by sharing their puns and reacting to others’, creating an engaging and fun atmosphere.
  • Creativity: Crafting puns requires creativity, and users may enjoy challenging themselves to come up with unique and clever wordplays, leading to more participation and replies.
  • Positive engagement: Participants tend to encourage and appreciate each other’s puns, fostering a positive and supportive environment that further drives engagement.
  1. Topic for Photography:
  • Visual appeal: Photography is a medium that speaks to people through captivating images. Users are drawn to this topic to share their photographs or admire the work of others, sparking discussions and replies.
  • Constructive feedback: Users may seek feedback on their photography skills, leading to constructive discussions and suggestions from fellow photography enthusiasts.
  • Techniques and inspiration: Photography topics often involve discussions about different techniques, equipment, and sources of inspiration, making it an informative and engaging space.
  1. Talk about Minecraft:
  • Large gaming community: Minecraft has a massive and passionate player base, resulting in a large community that actively discusses gameplay, updates, mods, and creations related to the game.
  • Shareable content: Minecraft players often create impressive structures and worlds, and they like to share their creations with others. This sharing culture fosters interaction and replies from fellow players.
  • Troubleshooting and support: Discussions about technical issues or gameplay challenges can lead to users seeking or offering help, which encourages active participation and replies.
  1. Topic for Fortnite:
  • Popularity: Fortnite is a hugely popular online game, and its massive player base naturally leads to an active and engaged community that discusses various aspects of the game.
  • Competitive nature: Fortnite is known for its competitive gameplay, and players may seek tips, strategies, and discussions related to improving their performance, driving more replies.
  • Updates and events: Frequent updates and special in-game events provide topics for discussion and speculation, attracting users to share their opinions and reactions.
  1. Topic for School Games:
  • Shared experiences: School games evoke nostalgia for many users who have fond memories of playing games during their school days. This shared experience encourages active participation and replies.
  • Competition and teamwork: School games often involve team-based activities, which can lead to discussions about strategies, teamwork dynamics, and friendly competitions among participants.
  • Youthful and energetic atmosphere: Topics related to school games often create a lively and youthful vibe that attracts users and motivates them to engage in the conversation.
  1. Topic for Stories:
  • Human connection: Stories are a powerful way to convey emotions, experiences, and life lessons. Users may share personal anecdotes or fictional tales, fostering a sense of connection and empathy among participants.
  • Creative expression: Users can showcase their storytelling abilities through written or verbal narratives, inviting others to appreciate and respond to their work.
  • Feedback and encouragement: Users often provide feedback, encouragement, and constructive criticism on the stories shared, making it an interactive and supportive space.

Might be worse then before cuz it was late and i was lazy

Nah, it’s really good!


Thanks for the support I appreciate I’m planning on doing more but less off topics for me to review now so I might do some less popular ones


part [number lost track] wil come out soon

after being lazy for about a week ive got around to it PART [idk lsot count] has came out:

  1. Talk about Legend of Zelda:
  • Rich mythology and lore: The Legend of Zelda series has a deep and intricate universe with compelling stories, characters, and mythos. Fans enjoy discussing various aspects of this lore, leading to in-depth and engaging conversations.
  • Puzzle-solving and exploration: The gameplay often involves intricate puzzles and vast worlds to explore. Players may seek or offer advice on how to navigate challenges, fostering discussions and replies.
  • Nostalgia and reverence: Many players have grown up playing Legend of Zelda games, leading to nostalgic discussions and emotional connections. Sharing memories and favorite moments can generate enthusiastic replies.
  1. Talk about Nintendo:
  • Iconic franchises: Nintendo is renowned for its beloved franchises like Mario, Zelda, PokĂ©mon, and more. Discussions about these franchises and their impact on gaming history often lead to passionate and detailed conversations.
  • Console wars and comparisons: Nintendo has been a major player in the gaming industry, and discussions about its consoles, innovations, and contributions can spark debates and lively exchanges of opinions.
  • Speculation and announcements: Anticipation for new Nintendo game releases or announcements generates excitement and discussions, leading to a higher number of replies.
  1. Topic about Pride:
  • Personal stories and support: Pride topics encourage users to share their personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs related to LGBTQ+ identities. The supportive and empathetic atmosphere often leads to heartfelt replies and expressions of solidarity.
  • Advocacy and education: Discussions about LGBTQ+ rights, history, and societal issues create opportunities for users to educate each other, fostering informative and engaging conversations.
  • Inclusivity and celebration: Pride topics promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity. Users may share stories of acceptance and joy, leading to positive interactions and replies.
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  1. Topic for Harry Potter:
  • Expansive Universe: Harry Potter boasts a rich and expansive universe with a dedicated fan base. Discussions can cover various aspects, including characters, spells, magical creatures, and the intricate plot, leading to diverse and engaging conversations.
  • Nostalgia and Connection: Many users have grown up with the Harry Potter series, creating a sense of nostalgia and a strong emotional connection. This shared experience fosters a community where people can reminisce, share their favorite moments, and discuss the impact of the series on their lives.
  • Fan Theories and Speculation: The open-ended nature of the Harry Potter universe invites fan theories and speculation. Users may discuss their interpretations of events, predictions for the future, or delve into the details of the magical world, leading to lively discussions and numerous replies.
  1. Who builds with Lego:
  • Creativity and Construction: Lego is synonymous with creativity and construction. Users who enjoy building with Lego can share their creations, discuss building techniques, and seek inspiration from others. This hands-on and visual aspect of the topic encourages active participation.
  • Community Showcasing: Lego builders often take pride in showcasing their creations. The topic becomes a virtual gallery where users can display their projects, leading to a continuous stream of visual content that prompts comments and admiration.
  • Collaboration and Challenges: Users may engage in collaborative building projects or challenges, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Discussions around shared goals and friendly competitions can lead to increased participation and replies.
  1. Topic for Among Us:
  • Strategy and Deception: Among Us is a game that involves strategy, deduction, and social deception. Users may discuss gameplay strategies, share memorable moments of successful deception or detection, and seek or provide advice on how to navigate the social dynamics of the game.
  • Community Events: The popularity of Among Us has led to community events, tournaments, and themed gameplay sessions. These events generate excitement and discussions, attracting participants who share their experiences and strategies, resulting in numerous replies.
  • Updates and Meta Discussions: Regular updates to the game and changes in the meta provide ample material for discussions. Users may speculate on upcoming features, share their opinions on game balance, and discuss the evolving strategies within the community.
  1. Favorite Books:
  • Diverse Reading Tastes: The topic of favorite books is broad and inclusive, allowing users to share their diverse reading tastes. Discussions can cover various genres, authors, and literary styles, leading to a wide range of recommendations and replies.
  • Personal Connections: Books often hold personal significance, and users may share stories of how certain books have impacted them or shaped their perspectives. This emotional connection creates a space for meaningful conversations and replies.
  • Reading Challenges and Goals: Users might discuss reading challenges, book clubs, or personal reading goals. This adds a dynamic element to the topic, encouraging users to share their progress, recommendations, and reflections, resulting in a continuous flow of replies.

This one is LOW effort so dnot expect it to be good AT ALL