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I cannot play the lenovo sweepstake becaue my account wont register in play mode


hello I tried time and time again to enter the code&play sweepstakes on lenovo but my account won’t keep me loved in when I go to play,

Notice how I am logednin on the main page layout though.


Sorry for the many typos I am on mobile at the moment and my auto correct ether hates me or is inverted


Are you trying to play on your mobile phone? The game is not designed to work on mobile phones and we do not support playing on mobile phones.



Is there a way to connect our existing accounts to the sweepstakes? I’m in Sarven Desert… so really rather not redo everything…


It didn’t work on my computer ether but when I made a new account it worked.


You will need a new account for it. It could be a good opportunity to learn a new programming language, though, like doing JS if you have been doing Python.


In China many people can’t play in Lenovo too , but they are still optimistic , be calm you are not the only one worry about Lenovo .