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Https:// wont work


I played the first 3 levels then it sent me to this pages and says my name is not unique. Can anyone help?


How did you play the first 3 levels, for me it doesn’t even let log-in


It probably let you do the first three levels to try it out and then said the problems with your account but I think it just thought it was unique and then updated or saw someone else with the username.


So I made a new account but the gamestate keeps wanting to save my profile and when I do and go back to code it fails and takes me here.


That is weird. I wouldn’t know.


So Then I did 4 levels and then it did the same thing.


Don’t use this website do to outdated and so many bugs.


You can reach support for this site at "". They’ll be happy to help you out!


Hi Gurrmann

i have encountered the same Problems with the Lenovo Website. Loggin in there does not work properly.

If you already have some achievements, you could try and go back in browser history or try several times to log on and off till it finally works. Then click on your username, which is down on the left side next to your Diamonds. You get to your account, where you can fill in your email adress and a new password.

Afterwards, you can log on with this site:

You will see a totally different layout!

So please, leave Lenovo and switch to CodeCombat directly!


I know that CodeCombat has an official website to code I just wanted to test this website out.


I had the same problem until I realized I didn’t confirm my e-mail. Because it let me start playing the first 3 levels right away I just soldiered on. Seems obvious, but then again, most coding mistakes do. hahaha