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I can't play any levels!


I can’t complete any levels since yesterday. What is it???


Looks like you got set to a teacher account from having filled out a teacher request a while back–I’ll unset that so that you can play again. Right now teacher accounts have extra permissions for playing any level in classroom mode, but they can’t play levels in campaign mode.


Hello Nick! Game work’s fine! And now I can play :slight_smile:
So at now I’m not a teacher? Is it permanently? Am I need to do something?


You are no longer a teacher account. Did you need to run Classrooms that you created with that account?


Nike, I think at this moment I need not a classroom. But in the future can I set my account back to teachers mode?

Hmmm… Now I’m again became a teacher. Strange…


I think it will be cool If you add a “special button” to switch between “Teacher” and “Player” modes! Because if I’m a Teacher - then I can’t play as an Adventurer.


OK. Now - all is well! Thank you guys!