I Can't Play Sand Snakes Level

Please help me, I can’t play! at this level even though I have refreshed it many times.
CC Error|690x422

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Could it possibly because you are not a subscriber? I think the level Sand Snakes is subscriber only. Correct me if I’m wrong.

If it was a subscriber level it would of said something else.

Then log out of your CoCo account then log in again, if that doesn’t work, restart your internet connection, if that doesn’t work, restart your computer.

thank you for your attention, I’ve tried all the ways you give, but none of them work.
This is a photo where this level is, I hope it helps.
CC Error 2

Welcome @AMIRUL_DEWA_RIZKY to the forum! We can’t see your code right now, perhaps you could paste in your code?

Suggest that you email support@codecombat.com about it. They’re probably better placed to look into it.


ok thanks for the advice. :grinning: