I don't see any characters in the game

This is first time I have opened CodeCombat on this computer, but my account is like year old (maybe more). I am using latest Chrome in Windows 7 x64. I have disabled Ghostery for the site and I am not using any other blocking extension. In the console I have got couple of 404 errors, but only one time. Further reloads doesn’t not have these (I have disabled cache in devtools).

GET http://codecombat.com/file/db/thang.type/540e35a34f21cd879ba4f140/portrait.png 404 (Not Found)
GET http://codecombat.com/file/interface/game-menu-tab-switch.mp3 404 (Not Found)

In Firefox everything looks normal. I have even tried Anonymous mode in the Chrome without any extensions, but it the same.

Hey FredyC, thanks for the heads up. This seems to be the same bug as https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat/issues/1117 – can you let me know if changing the zoom does anything to help with this?

We are very close to being done with the new WebGL renderer, so we are hoping that that will fix this kind of issue once we push it live, although we’re not really sure, since it’s so hard for us to reproduce it.

Well, I am not able to zoom at all till there is tutorial speech. Once I get control of mage I can zoom in and indeed it shows characters, but no walls are visible. Zooming in Firefox works correctly on all zoom levels.