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I found a way to cheat! sort of... XD, Lost Viking


I wished I had won the level though XD.
I seriously find it hard to understand the hints :frowning:


@HeroslasherX often times there are “other” ways to complete a level. So the question I have for you is where are you confused with this level? Perhaps I can help you through so that you understand the lesson?



This as far as I can get in the level if I follow the riddling instructions 8(

I don’t know how to tell you where the confusion is at…
I’m trying to translate the hint instructions into code.
At the Moving North-South is where I start to get confused.
I’ve played with my code a bunch of times trying to figure out the hint.
I look at the rest of the instructions and I’m not getting anymore clues as to how to go about writing this code.

I don’t know how you can help other than telling me what levels to review that might help me figure out this level. XD


I would come back to this level later as you progress through the game. It is not an easy one for a reason, they are testing you. Once you get passed the Mountain level try coming back.


okay cool!!! thanks for your replies!!!