Was i supposed to do this on lost viking? (python)

i think i cheated it because built a land mine near it then i triggered the weak land mine which triggered the strong ones and caused a chain reaction killing all the beast and i just walked to the helm and won

i got it

was this supposed to happen?

Welp, I guess this was not supposed to happen. I personally don’t like the word “cheating”: if the game engine and level design allows something unintended, then I’d consider it a bug. In any case, I believe you will be able to keep the rewards as for your creativeness and for taking the effort to report the bug.

Someone more proficient with the level editor should be able to submit a patch soon, hopefully. :smile:

Awesome :slight_smile:


ya ok so it i did it wrong:neutral_face:

Excuse me? Why cant I find the coordinates on the map with my cursor? I am sure im wearing the leather boots.

@Wolf88 You are supposed to get the maze parameters (variables) from the raven and write an algorithm to navigate the mine field. You don’t need to see the map coordinates for that.

So does tht mean from now on I cant use the cursor to find coordinates?

Thx a lot

@Wolf88 The coordinates are hidden specifically for this level, in order to make it more difficult to cheat on it. The coordinates should appear correctly for other levels.

You play at the bottom of challenges developers, ha ha

This method is Cool! Awesome! , I also passed! :heart_eyes: