[SOLVED] How to log into Campaign mode from class mode

Hello there!
Can someone tell me how I log off from a current class and join my campaing mode? I’m stuck in that class but can’t get back to the progress i made in campaign.
my account-name is yun.oh @stephanie
thanks in advance

@yun.oh your account has been set back to individual. You should be able to access the home version again.


Hello, @stephanie, i need your help too. My account name is INKOGNITO74, I have done alot, and once i made my account student, i lost my gems and all items, and got some certificate. How to make my account able to play campaign.

I had about 2700 - 3100 gems, and i made it almost to the end of backwoods forest, I have not bought enough.

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Hi, @Zetronix9, @stephanie is currently unavailable. @Ryan can help you convert you back to campaign.
Kind regards,

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@Zetronix9 Your account should now be reverted back to an individual.


Thank you sooooo much! <3

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