I lost every thing

i lost everything on codecombat

Please could you give a bit more information about your problem. Did you lose all your items? Heroes? Level progress? Please could you also post a screenshot of this.

account and everthing else

i was in the mountain and now i am the dungen!

i lost everything and i was in the cloudrip mountin last level could i get solutions please because i was very stupid because i forgot to log out of CODECOMBAT before i let my son on the computor so he messed up everything on CODECOMBAT AND yes I AM FURIOUS.

Did he delete your account?

Why not try emailing support@codecombat.com I’m afraid I’ve reached the limit of my knowledge of this problem.
And when you email them, please explain everything you know about the problem, your account name, screenshots etc.
P.S. please also read my PM.

maybe he made a new acount or something or maybe he accidently pressed restart acount or what ever its called maybe you can ask the @Support team

to make it normal again