[SOLVED]Codecombat has an error on every level

So when I start up a level it says this.

This is what I am wearing.

don’t put on poison throwing shard it causes a bug it is being worked on @cwstaft

ok thank you @milton.jinich

did it work @cwstaft

yes it worked @milton.jinich

good luck @cwstaft (20 char)

anything else I can help you with @cwstaft

how its everyone here maxed out?

I am good @milton.jinich

what do you mean maxed out? @Manuel_Morales

that has all the good characters and good equipment

I have a senick with some of the best equipment look

2020-11-22 (2)

i have Sir Tharin Thunderfist

but i am goin to subscribe soon thought

here look at my warrior armor