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What Is Going On Here

I’ve done some research and have noticed people are losing all items they have even my friends I would like to say I am not a victim of this and all my items are ok! A victim of this I’ve seen post is @ZAX155 and would like to investigate even tho I am a Basic I would like to help and build the community to its highest form (OFF-TOPIC that’s why I’ve chosen to be a level tester) if anyone has a theory about what is going on I would love to hear it even if it’s bad. I am calling the moderators to unite @Deadpool198 @Chaboi_3000 @stephanie. Etc I will know will end my post right here If you have theories like I said please just reply ----
-Greg Heffley :worried: |

Have you seen anyone other than Zax155 who has lost items? If so please specify exactly what happened and what they know about this problem.

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@Greg_Heffley @Deadpool198
my son has and his account is Zax155

@ZAX155 – Did your son delete his account? That is what it looks like.

no he did not he went to login and it said this account does not exist anymore when i was just on it 1 hour ago!!!

@ZAX155 – Can you ask him about it? I am not sure how this would happen without him actually deleting his account.

yes and also he just said that his sister was messing around with it and she is the one who deleted it and changed my account to a student account from a teacher account is it possible that you could change that @stephanie!!

@ZAX155 – We need to have the usernames for the accounts you would like changed back to individual accounts.

Yes, my friends, they don’t want me to say their names if they get hacked but smh.
This is what they said are items, pets, gems, and everything went away and then said I don’t know about @ZAX155 but I believe he endured the same thing as us they say they have kicked out their games and then reloaded to find themselves back at level 1 of the first map and tried clicking there last levels and even loot was missing.
if you have the solution please tell me
-Greg Heffley :worried:

This might be the result of account sharing, where the shared account might’ve been reset by a different person. @ZAX155, have you ever shared your account+password with your son? That might’ve been the case.

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no it was my childrens account