CSS Property patch for - background-color

I have submitted a patch for this property.


Let me know if the patch is correct and if I need to update anything. Once the patch is accepted I will test again.


Accepted it, thank you Harry. If you want to write documentation or spot-check the other properties, that’d be greeeaaaaat :wink:

on it. But I cannot guarantee how long it will take.

mmm yeah I am going to need you to come in on Saturday

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@Serg how long does it take for new changes to get propagated ? I am on http://direct.codecombat.com/play/level/precision-coloring and I still do not see the update?

Did I do something wrong with the patch?

It is definitely in the level editor.
Patches, for some reason, I’ve noticed that a little bit of time even on direct.
Hopefully should start being visible by Monday?

I’m a big dummy, I gotta save the level after accepting a patch. Give it a few minutes and check again.

@Serg good to know about having to save the level.

Does that mean that you saved the level you accepted the patch in, or the level that was using that particular component?

Looks good!

Components are saved on their own. If you don’t make any changes to a level, but make changes to a component, only the component should show up with changes in the save box that pops up.