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Web Development - Campaign - background-color - error in example definition?


Should the text say “background-color” and not “color” ?


I don’t do HTML in code combat but I still know it and I believe if you want to change the background color you have to type in

background-color: blue;
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Yep, it should be background-color. Also, note that the <style> tag is not closed properly: it is missing the / in the closing tag </style>.

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This is the example, right? Why are there so many errors? Could you fix them?


I’m not part of the development team, but I’m pretty sure regular people like us can contribute documentation patches through one of the CodeCombat editors. I’m not exactly sure where though.


found the post:

Its part of the level editor and universal for each level? I believe this means that one can go into any level and create the patch…

CSS Property patch for - background-color

So I created a pseudo level to use when updating the components. As any level can be used to submit a patch for a component and this patch will show up in all other levels as a patch against that component. Levels and Components seem to be separate.

Code Property Documentation - Patching

Anyone can feel free to use this when adding patches for the documentation if they like. So that you don’t inadvertently change things in a good level.

The patch is now submitted.