I need some help with a girl ;-;

8th option, you are just a bench guy to her

9th option,
why are you even having a relationship (or attempting) at high school?
that is not school appropriate and you aren’t even an adult
all you have to do is to do you studies and prepare for your exams
if you cant get straight As, why are you even bothering, you don’t have a good life and you cant give her a good life :rofl:
at last, you guys will break up when you graduate

Maybe he wants experience with women.

I don’t think that last 4 options really help.

@Watamelon if you don’t want to/don’t know how to help, it’s fine but I don’t think that writing such stuff is needed in this topic. It sounds quite rude and does not really help.


Is this what you’ve learnt from your AI anime dating simulators? Money can’t (always) get you everything, and 99.9% of the time you can’t just buy a partner.

A lot of people do, a lot of people have. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a relationship in highschool - even if they do break up ( there’s a decent chance they won’t) it’ll be good experience for both of them.

Excuse me, what? Ray’s never said anything that would suggest this, he seems like a great person.


Oh, man… I’m afraid we don’t know.
It could be various scenarios from “I like you, but as a friend” or “Awww, at last you made the first step, cause I’m mad about you” to “It was nice to knew you but all my family and friends are against my friedship with guys”.
Try to clear things up, a lot of things in life could be solved just by calm conversation.
Cheer up and smile)

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life and fate by itself could be and very often are mean and severe to people. There is no need to increase amount of negativity or grief out of a clear sky. If one can’t say or add something good to this world it’s enough not to makee bad things.
But thees “options” 7 and so on by @Watamelon are quite good demonstration of what I was talking about:

If we want to warn about bad options that could expect someone in the future - we can choose some other words and manner. And judging about other people’s limitation in their ability to keep good relationship and “giving good/bad life” doesn’t help much too.

Thanks, everybody for the insights, including @Watamelon, she’s super tricky for some reason. Both of our friend groups keep telling me she really does like me, and we talk in person quite a bit now, we even both confessed that we do like each other, it’s just still the “kinda complicated” thing keeping me from asking her out. I think I’ll do it later tonight or Monday next week.


I mean the kinda complicated thing could also just mean that her feelings are complicated (just like all feelings)

Or all feelings. chars

Unless your 2 then your feelings are pretty much just Happy,sad or angry

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Teenage drama.
Best gossip to read on fine mornings such as these

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Or you can just skip the reading part alltogether.

But why would I waste such juicy gossip?

Um… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Good point.

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I’m just joking pls don’t take me seriously

You forgot hangry


Oof. Common misconception. Guys like us have those three emotions. Girls emotions are like a spectrum. They have a lot more.

Biggest understatement of all time???


Umm :nerd_face: well actually a lot can mean different things. :nerd_face:So its not an understatement :nerd_face:

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