I would like to appeal this post removal

So I just got this in the pm

This is an automated message from CodeCombat Discourse to let you know that your post was removed.

Your post was flagged for moderator attention: the community feels something about the post requires manual intervention by a staff member.

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

Noooooo not Arthur I am sad. But I understand this is just the virtual world and you don’t have time for it goodbye my friend. P.S. if you have any questions about the Bible or Christianity you can pop back on and pm me I will do my best answer them and i will ask others if I canot answer them

And I would like to appeal it removal or at least get clarification as to why it was removed

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Probably that was flagged because it is about religion, which is against the rules.

Pls show me where in this religious discussion is prohibited
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It doesn’t explicitly say talking about religion is not allowed but religion oftentimes causes heated arguments or makes others uncomfortable so that’s why we tend to keep away from religious discussions


But you guys a perfectly fine with the topic for pride and that also causes heated arguments (I personally fully disagree with pride )


Same, so If pride, which I EXTREMELY disagree with, is considered as okay, a religion discussion which is not even made into a topic should be okay. Furthurmore It is not against the rules so If this is “illegal” so should the pride topic.


Oh, P.S. if this remains a problem I WILL create a topic for religion.

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if you did that it would should be a specific religion otherwise it makes not sense

Yeah I guess. (20 charecters)

As a Christian, I don’t mind you guys creating a topic for it. However, any religious subject is prone to disagreements and arguments. So be mindful of what you’re saying and be ready to humbly allow a disagreement to slide before the topic turns heated.


thump coming to solve the problem in peacefull words again :+1: