Is religion allowed on discourse?

ok so i umm am asking this not for myself but for those like me who just read this is wondering ,(@)PeterPalov did say it is probably the reason (@)TheCodingCrusader22’s post got flagged but (@)TheCodingCrusader22 said nothing said religion so if anyone that hadnt participated in that topic pls answer me?
heres the link:
I would like to appeal this post removal - CodeCombat Discourse

I did not say it’s banned, I just assumed why his post was flagged.


I would say that yes, it is allowed, but there have been a lot of recent arguments relating to it, which is why it’s currently not talked about much.

As long as all parties are respectful to those with different beliefs, all interlocutors refrain from starting any kind of heated argument, and respectful debate is encouraged - or, at least, tolerated - it’s perfectly acceptable to converse about such matters.


Just don’t be racist and it will be fine.

dude this topic has been dead for ages…why did you respond?

You are off topic though but I’m not.
Also it’s just two months.
Don’t be so offensive

I’m sorry what :skull:

Where in the world did you get that?? I’m not being offensive
all I did was ask why you responded how is that off topic