Ice Soccer Feedback

Woah, I haven’t worked on that level in a while. I think the last thing I did was remove unnecessary doodad collisions.
I reopened the editor and took a look. There might be slight differences in the settings, description and achievements but it looks the same. I tried playing the level again but there was the infinite loop error. I’m not sure if that was because of any changes but the level worked previously.

Goalkeeper was mainly an experiment for me. I found that the most intuitive part of the editor was adding thangs so adding the decorations was the easier part. It took a while to figure out that the default code was in the hero placeholder and the throne was the ref. To fit the ref code for the level I mostly just commented parts out and there is still redundant stuff left in such as having two teams of skeletons. The way the goals were set up for ice soccer and this level was particularly strange compared to other levels so I found that part confusing. I wanted to make a bonus goal but I wasn’t sure how.

If the level is going to be added to the campaign I suggest this:

  • Make a bonus for not conceding any goals. It is possible for a mediocre solution or maybe even one peasant to win but to not lose any skeletons requires a better strategy and/or more luck.
  • Remove the flag from required equipment. (not sure how)
  • Fix the palisade problem. (also in ice-soccer: look at post 12) Maybe setting the ignoresItemGold property on both levels could prevent palisades from being built?

Anyone that knows how to do this stuff, feel free to take over.

Ah, I’ve fixed that infinite loop error. I’ve also added a bonus goal and fixed the goal checking to count the number of goals properly. Yeah, the goals were very hard to understand on that one; possibly the most difficult goal setup yet.

I’ll fix the palisades like you suggest; the flag is already not required now.

I tried the levels and it worked. It was also not possible to command the peasants to build palisades. I wasn’t entirely sure what the foul was for but I think it is supposed to reset the ball if it gets stuck in a corner. Was not reseting the ball’s velocity intentional? Maybe multiply it by zero like when a goal gets scored.

Did you actually get the foul to trigger? I was trying for a bit to get it working, but couldn’t reproduce. Feel free to make the ball’s velocity 0 again if that makes sense to you (who has actually seen it).

I got it to trigger in Goalkeeper. It happened when the ball got trapped between the bottom wall, the bottom statue, a peasant above (pushing down?) and the ogre on the right pushing left. It made the ball reset its position and the throne say “foul” but it also shot off at a high velocity immediately after its position was reset.
It can be seen in the solution I submitted.

Cool, I’ve made it brake the ball and put it in the right spot now on a foul.

Hello, but I can see that the code you posted was from GitHub. Write your own code please, try it yourself before asking for help.
Thank you.