New socc- I mean football arena - Forest Football!

So, one day I was scrolling through the forums and found a post that said something like this:

And that’s exactly what I made! Click one of the links below to play.

To play the CPU, click this link instead

This was going to be the banner but it wouldn’t let me use it so I’ll just put it here.

GLHF and as usual feedback is appreciated.


the ladder isnt working, from the level i can t even press the ladder button

Good thing you named it correctly

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darn, i was worried this would happen. I’ll try to get it fixed but i have literally no idea why that’s happening.

Ladder should work now, I forgot to set ogres to playable and that’s why it wasn’t working :skull:

Super fun, but I couldn’t even beat the AI😳

(I suck at soccer/football in CoCo)

Ok nevermind now I beat the AI 17 - 0.

:wink: Nice

I probably missed some

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@Piano_Zombie btw you can set the referee’s (warlock one) visualRange to 0 so he stops summoning skeletons.

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I was waiting for someone to notice those! I would’ve put more easter eggs, but I couldn’t think of any creative ways to turn people’s usernames into actual names.

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i noticed before just didnt post them.

same as these

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Luke as a peasant is wild considering his coding skill


He should be a headhunter or something. XD

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He got a red card.


And I want to get hero.time.

yeah, could there be hero.time or hero.wait?

Added the hero.wait and time. I also added the vector api (or whatever it’s called) from the programmaticon, a couple of easter eggs, and fixed the warlock from summoning skeletons.


I totally didn’t look in the editor

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justaluke random off topic question but what is ur pfp supposed to be

It’s a hound from the game Don’t Starve Together

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