Ice Soccer Feedback

I think this level is much to easy. You can win without a code!!! :open_mouth:

I didn’t win in any seed I tried without coding. But it is indeed not that difficult to win. Maybe there will be a multiplayer-level coming from this…

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I think the multiplayer level from this is a good idea.
About the winning without coding:
I realized there is partial chance involved, so I submitted in without a code. I had to try like 15 times before I won without a code.

I think this level is good for diversity - none of the usual killing orcs.

Maybe there should be an earlier soccer level as an introduction.
For example:
Forest level - no slipping
Command a peasant to push the ball to knock down some statues.

Sounds like a fun one; want to make it? :wink:

Yesterday was the start of my three weeks of school holidays so I have time to do things such as make a level. It might be hard to figure out how to make one though.

Edit: This

Sweet! Nice work on the decorations. I should have time to play it and give feedback tomorrow. One thing to note is that the task list, which was forked from Ice Soccer, is a good guide to determining what parts need to be done; you might want to uncheck everything and then check the things you know are done for this new level.

It would be cool if in a dungeon level you have to fire the fireballs at doors to get through. :smile:

Nick I cannot buy the dynamic flags in the store because I just bought a new chest plate

It’s sweet, but it seems like it’s strictly harder than Ice Soccer–intended? I guess we could retroactively unlock it in the Desert after the player does Ice Soccer in the Glacier. What do you think?

To me, it seems a bit easier than Ice Soccer. A more obvious strategy is making the peasants move in a pong paddle formation which is easier to implement in the desert than in the glacier. Then again, there are only two peasants and the ogres can’t score own goals. I also didn’t use flags in Ice Soccer and flags are usually easier to use.
A possibility for an easier introductory soccer level could involve shooting goals only, flags, no slipping and no peasants (no boss star needed).

If goalkeeper is a viable level, it should be moved to another thread to avoid being off-topic here.

Back to the original topic: I tried some alternative solutions, with different results:

  • killing the peons is not possible, at least with summoned troops

  • decoys don’t really work here

  • fire traps seem to piss off your enemy:

  • but palisades work! :wink:

Id love to see that i have to try it

I don’t understand how this level works.
I got an email from codecombat which suggested me to play that level.
Maybe I’m not advanced enough and therefore I’m missing some “mission critical commands”.

I’m able to plant flags but my avatar is trapped in the lower left corner, so I’m assuming those creatures in red are the ones that need to somehow do something. Could someone explain me how to command them?
They do not seem to have any commands like “.attack” or “.moveXY” or something.
The “.findItems()” also does not return me the “ball item” (which might be ok)

… but at least it’s not obvious to me what I have to do and the first comment in this thread states that this is an easy level.

The e-mail you got was the weekly e-mail to all CodeCombaters who signed up for the e-list. The e-mails show the new levels that the level creators have made. I would generally recommend staying with the story for now. You can return to this when you reach it.

The funny thing is, even though there are no levels shown to me in the world after “desert”, but in the ice world, i can actually start the level and see the flags.
So if I receive the mail and I can click and start the level, but am not supposed to try them yet, then I would prefer a message being displayed that prevents me from starting the level in the first place.

Really? What is the most recent level you have done in Sarven Desert? If you have completed the desert, you should have access to Cloudrip Mountain.

Most of the levels in the email are either in the newest region/world or are high “level” add ins to previous regions, meaning, either way, that they are (really) for people who have completed all the already existing levels. Occasionally, new levels are inserted into the already existing stream of levels (this used to happen more than it does now, or probably will in the future).

You do make an interesting point, maybe there should be some note in the email of which type they are, end-series or mid-series…???..

But for now assume that they will be “high-level” (end-series) content and as such expect that you already know (or have) everything taught/introduced in the previously released levels.

For example, to command the troops you need a Boss Star (received after and explained by completing various previous levels) of the proper strength to command certain types of troops…

I am somewhere in the middle of the desert with no path to the next world yet.
Yet, the ice world is even one world AFTER the next and with the link to that soccer level, i jumped there and could actually play the level… …which was/is slightly confusing :slight_smile: even though it was fun

I’ve cleaned up the metadata on Goalkeeper and added it to the Desert campaign (but unlocked halfway through the Mountain), so I will release it for adventurers sometime this month. Nice work!