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[Idea] The starter warrior biography

You can do Pender i will do Okar okay? Okar has just 23% and Pender has 22%. Or should I do Pender and you do Okar?

Maybe we should make Okar, and then Pender.

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Okay. I have an idea for Okar already, I will do Okar and you can start on Pender okay? Good :+1: :+1: :+1:

I will run a poll between these two:

Pender or Okar?
  • Pender
  • Okar

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I will close once we have seven voters @PeterPalov dont vote okay? I will also not vote

wait why doesn’t @PeterPalov do the wizard and you do Okar @JoPro_8000.

That’s what I was suggesting. I will do Okar and @PeterPalov will do Pender. Look out for the next biographies!