[Idea] Pender Origin story idea

So i’ve decided to create a story about how pender originated since
there are none. Hope you enjoy this story!

Long ago there was an a family in peaceful village. It was small, though it had good defense.
The mother of the family was a sorcerer, and she taught her daughter Pender how to
make magic. Pender loved to mess around with her mothers spell book but she never could
figure out how to do any of the spells in the books. One day an ogre army came to the village
and tried to break through the defenses. A few minutes later the human army and
paladins came and battled the ogres. Paladins used all their abilities, they healed the lowest health soldiers but…eventually the human army was defeated
and the ogres destroyed the village and killed their people. Pender and her mother
were the last survivors. Seeing that the village was defenseless and in ruins, Pender’s mother
gave Pender her cobra staff and created a star shaped portal leading to the Sarven desert
and she told Pender to get in and soon after the portal closed.
She never saw her mother again. Meanwhile, Pender was wandering around the Sarven desert
when she found Nalfar, another sorcerer. Nalfar tried to teach her how to do spells but the only thing she could master was manablast and resetcooldown. After months of hard work and training she left the Sarven desert and began to fight ogres. And to this day, she still fights ogres everywhere.

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Credit to @PeterPalov for helping me on this


Fun fact: there is a Cobra Staff in the Thang Editor:


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