Welcome back old guards!)

I created this topic just because I want to welcome and salute old guards))

P.S. Firstly - @Archion, then - @brooksy125… It’s tendency! Life is getting better)


Finally, @brooksy125’s back


Thanks for the many positive responses here and other messages @Chaboi_3000 @xython @Deadpool198. I introduced CodeCombat to my fiancé’s kids and now their school is using the curriculum so I thought I should get back into it again. Also, when @riticmaster9087 mentioned me in the challenge level post, I realized I need to update a few multiplayer level codes to get back into competing level while learning the new characters and their abilities and I still need to finally finish a few upper levels with advanced algorithms.

I also noticed that there is a new C++ experimental version to learn. And then, possibly begin creating some fun levels of my own to share. Plenty of things to catch up on while also supporting the community with level help and useful documentation.


Well it’s very nice to see you! I think I might also try out the C++, and I’ve been having fun with Sacrifice on a few levels :grin:.


Awesome! :tada:

You’re still on the leaderboards! So glad to have you back!

That’s fantastic! I’m more than glad to help you with level development. Feel free to DM me whenever. :slight_smile: