Identifying Heroes in Cavern Survival

So the “Doors” and other Heroes don’t seem to have “type” properties. I was able to discern doors with a RegEx on the “id” name:

if ( {}

There does not seem to be a common component for the names of the heroes and trying to check all possible names isn’t working cleanly.

Is there any attribute that only heroes have that we can key off of? Are there any plans to add “type” to Heroes and attackable items?


Heroes do have types: “knight”, “captain”, “samurai”, “librarian”, “potion-master”, “sorcerer”, “ninja”, “trapper”, “forest-archer” so far. You can also check the team property: it’ll be "ogres" if you’re playing against a blue hero or "humans" if you’re playing against a red hero. (In this level, all the actual ogres are team "neutral".)

Awesome! The “team” property was exactly what I was looking for.