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What if I can’t pass the level ‘Siege of Stonehold’ even with the best possible code? If I don’t have enough good gear how am I able to buy more without doing more levels? (Which I can’t unless I pass this one)
I have about 500 health an 27 DPS. I am asking because I have tried a few times and failed each time. I am still experimenting with it, but I might not be able to in the future. I would just like to know what I can do to get more money without paying so I can buy better gear.

You don’t need better equip you need better strategy , that’s it go back the the previous lvl again do them again look at your code more and more and then start the lvl with a new motivation

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You can probably beat Stonehold with tharin with around 300-200 health. Assuming you’re using Tharin, try finding a way to effectively attack without taking much damage in return. For me, I sorta baited out the enemies just enough while killing them so that the archers could easily take them out.

Yeah, with better strategy you should be fine. If you have unlocked Amara, I beat it with her speed and 110 HP. I’m confident something similar could be done with Tharin.

You can also use flags to move around the map if necessary (my code didn’t use flags).

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Even though the game recommends 500+ health, you can beat it with < 200 health.

Use your allies as human shields. If your character has power-ups, use them wisely. Same goes for special attacks that have an “area of effect” damage and take time to recharge.

They’re working on this. See the comment at What are you supposed to do in the siege of stonehold? - #41 by nick

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